Sports Medicine

The Anderson University Sports Medicine Department strives to serve and provide exceptional quality health care for its collegiate athletes in a faith based atmosphere. Therefore providing interactions to influence and shape the student athletes in a personal and spiritual manner. To help shape and transform students athletes into respectful, functioning, common sense driven people in society, with an enhanced level of character. This department prides itself on being mentors that not only support student-athletes with Injury management, but also strive to make them successful independent adults.

Sports Medicine Staff:
Dr. Scott Counts M.D.
University Medical Director, Sports Medicine Fellowship Director

Scott DeCiantis, Assistant Athletic Director - Director of Sports Medicine
Men's & Women's Golf

Jordan Mitchell, Assistant Athletic Trainer - Assistant Director of Sports Medicine
Men’s Soccer and Baseball

Larissa Davis, Assistant Athletic Trainer - Assistant Director of Sports Medicine
Women’s Soccer and Softball

Rachel Thomas, Certified Athletic Trainer
Women’s Basketball and Men’s Cross Country and Track

Eric Waldrop, Certified Athletic Trainer
Men's Basketball and Women's Cross Country and Track

Ryan Whitt, Certified Athletic Trainer
Volleyball and Men's & Women's Tennis

To provide the most exceptional quality health care, records must be updated annually. In order for us to create and/or maintain an up to date file on you, we need you to complete a set of forms each year. Forms should be completed by August 1 of the current academic year to facilitate getting you cleared medically. The forms will be sent out via ARMS in the summer. Once completed and submitted they will be approved or rejected upon submission. If rejected, a comment will be recorded in ARMS to explain what to fix so the form can be resubmitted correctly.

If you are having difficulty obtaining the forms or accessing the online portal, please feel free to e-mail: or call at (864)-231-2144.

**No student will be permitted to participate in athletics without this information on file in the Anderson University Sports Medicine Department.


**No student will be permitted to participate in athletics without a CURRENT personal insurance policy - ALL International student-athletes are required to purchase the school's international policy with the athletic writer. This is an Anderson University required policy.

Primary Insurance requirements:
All intercollegiate student athletes at Anderson University are required to have a primary health insurance policy that covers intercollegiate athletic injuries and illness. The following insurance will not be accepted as appropriate primary coverage: Medicaid, Samaritan/Medishare, and/or Tricare. Athletic injury includes any trauma injury, even to the face and teeth. It is advised that the primary insurance policy cover the student athlete from August – May of that scholastic competition year. This will ensure that the student athlete is covered during in-season and out-of-season activities. Student athletes and/or parents need to verify that this primary insurance covers injuries incurred in all 50 states. If the primary insurance coverage should lapse/discontinue for any reason, the parents/student athlete will be responsible for all medical bills related to their son’s/daughter’s athletic injuries.

Letter from VP of Athletics, Dr. Bert Epting to Student-Athletes about Primary Insurance Policy changes

Paperwork to be completed as follows:

• Filling in blanks with "same as last year" or "already on file" is NOT acceptable
• Parents must sign ALL forms unless student-athlete is 24 years of age, married, or emancipated
• ALL blanks should be filled in on the paperwork
• All paperwork MUST be completed on an annual basis
• The secondary insurance (Mutual of Omaha), which is provided by Anderson University will cover only NCAA-sponsored events. Mutual of Omaha has a $250 deductible.

  • Click HERE for Information on the claim filing process for injuries PRIOR to 8/1/19 (Mutual of Omaha)
  • Please send the below 2 forms via USPS or email.

ADHD Form (only if applicable)
Sickle Cell Trait Status Form (Mandatory for FRESHMAN and TRANSFERS)


Please send ADHD or Sickle Cell results to the following address:

Anderson University 
Attn: Sports Medicine
316 Boulevard
Box 999
Anderson University
Anderson, South Carolina 29621

The deadline for paperwork is August 1st

Policy Note: All student athletes are required to complete a pre-participation physical evaluation performed by Anderson University's team physician each year. All incoming freshmen or transfers will schedule physicals on campus before their first date of competition. NO OUTSIDE PHYSICALS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call.

1. Mutual of Omaha 
2. Blue Ridge Orthopaedics 
3. National Athletic Trainers Association

The NCAA is emphasizing Sickle Cell Trait resting and concussion awareness. Please click on the following links for further information on these topics:

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