Department of Athletics
Mission Statement and Philosophy

To support the overall mission of the University by providing a competitive intercollegiate athletic program that attracts, nurtures and graduates student-athletes who, under the guidance of a quality staff, represent Anderson University with character and integrity while pursuing excellence in their respective sports.

Anderson University offers a Christian educational program whereby students are provided opportunities to develop intellectually, physically, socially, morally, and spiritually within an institution which presents the teachings of Jesus Christ as the ultimate guide for living. The athletic program of the University supports these values and recognizes them as guiding principles.

Athletic participation offers inherently beneficial values to individuals and can have a positive influence on persons with regard to cooperation, responsibility, fair play, loyalty, tolerance and respect for authority. Participation in sports also provides the student-athlete the opportunity to develop courage, understanding, sportsmanship, mental alertness, discipline and leadership in a stimulating, competitive situation.

Academic pursuits take priority at Anderson University and participating in intercollegiate athletics is secondary to this goal. Intercollegiate athletic programs will therefore be conducted in a manner designed to protect and enhance the educational and physical welfare of the student-athlete. A major goal of the Department of Athletics is to help student-athletes realize the full potential of their athletic abilities while also increasing their intellectual capabilities and providing them a meaningful opportunity to earn a baccalaureate degree. The department will not compromise its commitment to educate and graduate its student-athletes.

The Department of Athletics is committed to delivering intercollegiate athletic programs that are consistent with the University’s mission and generates the trust and support of its various constituencies. The goal of the department is to field teams that compete successfully against other institutions while exemplifying the Christian principles, which guide Anderson University. The department is also committed to conducting its programs in strict adherence to the policies, rules and regulations established by the University Administration, Board of Trust, the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) and the South Atlantic Conference.

Athletic department personnel are expected to represent the University in a manner consistent with Anderson’s guiding principles and values. Coaches are expected to treat their student-athletes fairly and to provide leadership that helps them mature physically, intellectually, and spiritually. Anderson University recognizes the significant contributions made by its student-athletes and seeks to promote their well-being and to provide an environment that will prepare graduates for both a livelihood and a rewarding life.